Education [ˌedjʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)n] is a human right and the key to individual and social development. It enables people to develop their personalities and lead a fulfilled life. Education strengthens democracy and promotes tolerance and a cosmopolitan outlook. It is also a condition for sustainability. To develop its full potential, education must be inclusive, equitable and high quality.

  • Report

    Germany is helping to strengthen Lebanon’s public education system so that children of all ages can continue learning even during times of crisis.
  • Infografic Education

    In the years before COVID-19, the global community made great strides in education. Some of that progress is now at risk. We take a closer look.
  • Essay Education

    South Africa-based education and science writer Megan Lindow explains how education can make societies fit for the challenges ahead.
  • Background Education

    Using the crisis in education as an opportunity to rethink and modernise – that is the order of the day, and GIZ’s aim. A column by Michael Holländer.