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Fashion from Georgia is being celebrated on the catwalk. However, if the industry is to establish itself on the European market, it needs not just creativity, but above all new expertise. Read more Fashion made in Georgia

In eastern Ukraine, specially trained dogs are helping to treat disabled children and those traumatised by conflict. Elena Lakhno, owner of the therapy dog Hillary, talks about her work. Find out more: Four legged therapist

The health care system in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is being given a new lease of life. The impoverished province of South Kivu shows how this might look. Insights from a hospital and a medical centre full of mothers and babies. Find out more Healty future

In Central America, the majority of young people are unemployed. Initiatives for youth employment should counteract this problem. María Teresa Anchía has taken advantage of an initiative and completed additional training at a vocational school. Find out more Improving knowledge

After five years as a member of the Jordanian Parliament, Manar abu Rumman decided to run as a candidate in the 2017 elections. There she achieved a good result and now is a member of the Al-Balqa Provincial Council. In the video she talks about her candidacy and how the LEAD programme, which supports women in leading positions in the Middle East, helped her. Find out more Breaking new ground together

Following the Maidan Revolution, decentralisation has taken place in large parts of Ukraine. As a result, communities are able to join forces and decide on their own funds and investments. Jevhenia Korennaya, head of Stepowe's village, reports on this process. Find out more On Course for a better Future

PURE, a project for environmental and resource efficiency, ensures safer and cleaner working conditions in 40 Bangladeshi textile companies. This also applies to the company "Mother Color" near Dhaka, the employer of Mohiyan Bepari. In the video he talks about the positive changes in his working life. Find out more Cleaning Up

To find out more about conserving historical sites and developing craft skills, we visited a building site in the World Heritage town of Berat in Albania. Find out more Albanian Treasures

Following the war against the so-called Islamic State terrorist militia, northern Iraq is having to provide for millions of people who sought refuge there. This is a huge challenge given the prevailing economic crisis. Find out more Building Hope