"I value sharing ideas"

Armando Lazaro Gomez Diaz from Cuba attended a training course at a vocational collage in Germany.

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The 41-year-old engineer from Cuba attended a training course at a German vocational college. On behalf of the German Development Ministry (BMZ) and German Environment Ministry (BMU), GIZ is promoting via its programme Proklima the use of natural refrigerants through training, policy advice and technology transfer. These technologies are highly energy efficient and do not harm either the climate or the environment.

What is your job as a cooling engineer?
I work in the national Ozone Technical Office at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. Our task is to coordinate the national programme for implementing the Montreal Protocol to phase out substances that cause ozone depletion. I specialise in cooling technology.

What did you learn during the Cool Training at the Federal College of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology in Maintal?
We learned how to handle natural refrigerants safely. In countries with a hot climate, it is difficult to use natural refrigerating agents such as carbon dioxide, but it is possible. I also value being able to share ideas and experiences with colleagues from other countries.

How are you using your new skills in Cuba?
Cuba is a pioneering country in the use of natural refrigerants. For example, we draw on a mixture of isobutane and propane in fridges and minibars. We are now organising workshops for engineers, technicians and mechanics, who in turn train their students on how to use natural refrigerants safely. We are also presenting the technology to companies to address the challenge of climate change.

published in akzente 1/20

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